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Frustrated With Traditional Guitar Lessons? Receiving bad instruction can be such a waste or time and money. Worst of all, it can leave you with bad playing habits that take a long time to get rid of. Learn To Play Guitar Using The Fastest Method On The Planet!

Frustrated With Traditional Guitar Lessons?

“Would You Like To Learn To Play Guitar Using The Fastest Method On The Planet?”

Traditional, In-Person, Or YouTube Guitar Lessons Don’t Always Work For The Majority Of New Guitar Players

Are you afraid learning to play guitar will lead to hours of frustration trying to read standard guitar notation or spending hours, days, weeks or even months to develop just enough skill just to play a single song to a friend?

Are you looking for a solution that could allow you to pick up a guitar right now and know exactly how to play 100’s of your favorite songs?

Have you been endlessly searching YouTube for that magic video to quickly teach you to play a song and hours later found the instruction to confusing, incomplete or just to difficult.

There has to be a better way…

Worst of all, it can leave you with bad playing habits that take a long time to get rid of. The majority of guitar teachers never get trained to become great teachers and simply teach through trial-and-error. 

THERE ARE A LOT OF PLACES TO PUT YOU FINGERS ON A GUITARA guitar neck has 22 to 24 spaces (or frets) with 6 strings. That’s 144 different possible notes to accurately hit. And when you’re first starting out, it feels like they’re in completely random order with no rhyme or reason.

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PERSONALLY MY JOURNEY TO PLAYING GUITAR WAS VERY DIFFICULT AND FRUSTRATINGI picked up the guitar with the dream of playing the music I loved for people all over the world only to have it immediately shattered with my teachers demanding I learn to read music I hated and to study hours of music theory that didn’t seem to apply to playing any of my favorite songs. I actually transferred out of my Junior High School guitar class due to my frustration having to play “On Top of Old Smoky” and my teacher actually said to me “You are never going to be a good guitarist if you leave this class!!”; as he knew it was my goal to graduate and play as a professional musician.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

While I was still in high school and now desperately struggling to learn guitar on my own I ran into a friend who introduced me to a Guitar Instructor named Colin who taught me a few secrets to playing guitar that changed everything!

Colin was the solution, and now after my past 35 years recording, performing, touring and private coaching as a professional guitarist for hire, it’s time to pay it forward and help others just like you!

Imagine What It Would Be Like To Pick Up A Guitar And Instantly Play Hundreds Of You Favorite Songs?

Guitar playing is so much more than a hobby for those with the passion to learn and better themselves. It becomes a part of who you are and a vital link in some of the best relationships you will have.

Playing guitar brings people together as a group and connects them through music.

Picking up a guitar and playing your favorite songs is a great feeling and a big accomplishment. Sadly, most people believe they could never learn how to play. – This is not a true statement – You Can Do This at Any Age!

The Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course

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The Revolutionary New System To Learn How To Play 100’s Of Your Favorite Songs On The Guitar… Even If You’ve Never Picked Up A Guitar Before!

Here is Everything Included In The Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course Essential Package…

How To Play Guitar Without A Guitar Video Course

This is a FREE 6 Step Video Course that will show you how to play 100’s of your favorite songs on a guitar… Image how you will feel knowing how to play 100’s of songs… Includes the FREE 6 Step Workbook

Accelerated Beginners Flagship Guitar Course Workbook

This powerful book is the core system used by 100’s of my private guitar students to begin playing guitar faster than any other program on the market. You will have the right tools introduced at the right time to begin playing 100’s of songs from start to finish. You’re going to be amazing

Accelerated Beginners Guitar Flagship Course Book Image
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Your Accelerated Flagship Guitar Course Book Includes…

  • The Application Wizard: Immediately transition from playing without a guitar to the guitar. Use the proven techniques to ensure pro playing habits for success
  • The Song Wizard: Feel Great playing 100’s of your favorite songs from “start to finish”. Also learn skills used by the pro’s to play songs live onsite with fake book charts
  • The Fretboard Wizard: Accelerate you fingerboard hand skills and learn the about a new octave system to instantly identify every single note over the entire fretboard in seconds
  • The Advanced Skills Wizard: Learn innovative right hand picking systems and develop your legato skills. It’s going to be so awesome showing your friends a few flashy tricks.
  • The Chord Wizard: Learn simple chord shapes that can become hundreds of chords with a system use by professionals to push them around the fretboard. Also begin developing your ear to identify chords for song writing and improvisation.
  • The Playing Wizard: This section is packed full of advanced chords, rhythms and picking patterns to really excite and inspire you to play your new material for others!
  • ​All the above sections are complete with additional songs created to help you quickly apply every new system and skill required to ignite and inspire the guitarist within you!

The Expert Guitar Level 3 Accelerator

Time is precious and there isn’t always enough during the day to spend it achieving our dreams. Therefore the “Expert Guitar Accelerator” was created to learn to play the guitar without a guitar from anywhere! As you progress through this course I will give you new assets to increase the Accelerators Level to not only master single fretboard notes but also to immediately play 100’s of chords instantly!

Accelerated Beginners Guitar Community Image

The Accelerated Guitar Community

The Accelerated Guitar Community is a place for you to interact with other course members and John. Share your progress, ask for help or help others. As a community we can all share our thoughts, tips and tricks. This is a great place to encourage each other and keep ourselves accountable as we all work together to achieve our guitar aspirations.

Your Complete Accelerated Beginners Flagship Guitar Video + Audio Course w/Future Updates

Full Access to Everything in the Accelerated Beginners Flagship Guitar Course as shown above including… Full Video Instruction, All the Lesson Sheet Music and Tablature Downloads, All Course Future Updates, Play Along Band Audio Tracks for All Exercises and Lesson Songs.

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The Accelerated Beginners Guitar Journal

Successful accelerated learning can be greatly improved by the simple awareness of the development of that growth. It is extremely important to keep a log of the process of your improvement in order to further maximize growth. The easiest way to do this is with Your Accelerated Beginners Guitar Journal.

The Guitarist Accelerated Performance Checklist

It is extremely important to create good playing habits! The Guitar Accelerated Performance checklist is an essential tool for accelerated learning and guitar skills development! When learning to play guitar it is very important to quickly run down the checklist before each performance to solidify good playing habits as part of our guitar playing DNA.

If you haven’t learned with John, you need to!

Learning with John was more fun than any other teacher I’ve played with. I got to have fun with my guitar faster, which was the key for me to keep picking it up! I’ve learned electric, acoustic and flamenco with John. His skill and talent is adaptive and gave me a fun range to be able to develop a style of my own.
Jaymie Friesen
Kelowna, BC

30 Day Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy

Your purchase of The Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course is 100% risk free. If for any reason you decide you want a refund, simply contact me within 30 days of signing up and I will promptly refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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I would recommend his program to anyone looking to pick up a guitar!

John Gilliat’s program took me from picking up a guitar to performing live at festivals and theatres across Canada. His teaching style makes it easy to learn guitar one step at a time and within a few weeks I was able to start playing my favourite songs.

Guitar has become my favourite hobby, a source of revenue, and an amazing creative outlet and I owe that entirely to John.
Glen Jackson
Fort Langley, BC

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get With The Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course ESSENTIAL Package

  • The Complete How to Play Guitar Without a Guitar Online Video Course ($297.99 Value)
  • The Complete How to Play Guitar Without a Guitar Workbook ($27.99 Value)
  • The Accelerated Guitar Flagship Course Lessons Book ($87.99 Value)
  • The Expert Guitar Level 3 Accelerator ($27.99 Value)
  • Instant Access to ​The Private Accelerated Guitar Community Group (147.99 Value)
  • ​The Complete Accelerated Guitar Flagship Video and Audio Course with All Future Updates ($1700.00 Value)
  • The Accelerated Guitar Course Journal ($27.99 Value)
  • ​The Accelerated Guitar Course Checklist ($7.95 Value)

Total Value $2325.89

Lifetime Access To The Accelerated Beginners Guitar ESSENTIAL Package – Only $147

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