Learn How to Improvise Guitar Solos For Beginners!

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If you have ever dreamed about having the freedom to play solo’s and improvise on a guitar then this course is for you! – There is No Catch, it’s 100% Free

Learn How to Improvise on a Guitar in Minutes… a revolutionary new approach to soloing!

Are you frustrated not knowing how to play a great guitar solo?

Discover a very fast and simple method to identify what notes to play against all the chords and songs your friends are playing?

We are going to show you how to instantly apply a handful of notes to any key or group of chords without hours of music theory!

Impress all your friends with your ability to write your own chord progressions and instantly play a solo or create a great melody.

“John is an incredible teacher!”

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a “fast” guitar player, and when I saw John performing I was so inspired. As I got older and more musically mature I learned just how much knowledge and theory was underneath his “fast” playing. John helped me get better at jazz guitar in high school, and later helped me prepare for my Berklee audition. His kindness and down to earth personality make for a very effective and ego-free learning environment where there is no shame in not knowing something, or making a mistake.
Brock M. Phillips
Langley, BC, Canada