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Meet Your New Instructor

Hi, I’m John Gilliat and what I do is help guitar players achieve their dreams to learn to play guitar faster than any other traditional guitar method with very simple, easy to follow training systems.

Here you will have a dedicated guitar coach and a community that will stand behind you and support you as you accelerate your guitar studies.

If you’re like most of the new guitar players that I meet you are most likely overwhelmed with the huge amount of information out there and frustrated with your lack of results.

Throughout my own 45-year journey learning to play my guitar I slowly uncovered 100’s of shortcuts and tricks that I really wished someone would have shared with me early on.

I want to stop you from that same frustrating path as I really get excited when I get to share tricks that will give you that ah-ha moment to unlock new playing skills.

I really want to get you from where you are now to where you want to be!

Here’s what to do… CLICK THIS LINK and BEGIN YOUR FREE GUITAR COURSE to experience real results in minutes from this very moment.

What Other Students Are Saying About Our Guitar Instruction…

If you haven’t learned with John, you need to!

Learning with John was more fun than any other teacher I’ve played with. I got to have fun with my guitar faster, which was the key for me to keep picking it up! I’ve learned electric, acoustic and flamenco with John. His skill and talent is adaptive and gave me a fun range to be able to develop a style of my own.
Jaymie Friesen
Kelowna, BC

“I was up till 12:00 PM playing your video, it’s Fantastic”

I appreciate the fact that your the type of person who pays attention to detail, you cut no corners on the video, it’s comprehensive, step by step, easy to understand regardless of one’s playing level, if one studies it the way you have presented it they will be very please with their progress
Alton Ledbetter
San Diego, CA

“I would recommend his program to anyone looking to pick up a guitar!”

John Gilliat’s program took me from picking up a guitar to performing live at festivals and theatres across Canada. His teaching style makes it easy to learn guitar one step at a time and within a few weeks I was able to start playing my favourite songs. Guitar has become my favourite hobby, a source of revenue, and an amazing creative outlet and I owe that entirely to John.
Glen Jackson
Fort Langley, BC

“Congratulations on your program! It was fantastic”

I loved the music and the instruction – especially the Flamenco solo section. Thanks for putting this program together for aspiring Nuevo Flamenco guitarist to learn from. You are one of only a few Flamenco guitarist who bother to ‘give back’ to the community by sharing your knowledge with aspiring guitarist in instructional video format.
Stefan Vale

“John is an incredible teacher!”

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a “fast” guitar player, and when I saw John performing I was so inspired. As I got older and more musically mature I learned just how much knowledge and theory was underneath his “fast” playing.
John helped me get better at jazz guitar in high school, and later helped me prepare for my Berklee audition.
His kindness and down to earth personality make for a very effective and ego-free learning environment where there is no shame in not knowing something, or making a mistake.
Brock M. Phillips
Langley, BC

“I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your videos on playing fiery rumba guitar”

I liked it so much I have just ordered 2 more to give as presents to a couple close friends. Thank you for bringing the passion I once had for playing my guitar years ago back. I even splurged last week and bought a new guitar after 30 years.
Brenda Shaw
North Vancouver