How to Play Guitar Without A Guitar

Sounds Crazy Right???

Learn 6 Simple Steps To Quickly Play 100’s Of Your Favorite Songs On A Guitar… Even if you are an Absolute Beginner!
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If you have ever dreamed about playing guitar or if you are stuck only playing a handful of chords in open position then this course is for you!
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Finally… It doesn’t have to take years to begin playing guitar!

Have you failed to learn guitar in the past, felt it was too hard or thought that you were too old to start?

It’s now time to crush those thoughts as we share an extremely effective way to learn the guitar and play new songs Fast!

Image how great it could be to learn new songs quickly and easily play these songs for your family and friends…

Learn 6 easy steps to use before you pick up a guitar to really accelerate your ability to learn this super cool instrument.

What Is It That Guitar Instructors Aren’t Telling You???

Is there really an easy way to begin playing 100’s of song right away on a guitar anywhere on the entire guitar fretboard? You see, most of the new guitar students I see are stuck only playing a few songs at one end of the guitar with only a handful of chords.

So, I decided to create a FREE course to share with anyone that has a burning desire to learn faster than the traditional guitar methods and I call this course “How to play a Guitar (without a Guitar)” Sounds Crazy, Right?

And I’m sure you must be asking how this works, Right?

Here is where we pull back the curtain…

  • All songs are built upon chords and some of the most popular songs only use 3 or 4 chords
  • All chords are created from 1 of 7 root notes and there are only 7 notes from the alphabet used to play music
  • There is 1 really easy to play guitar chord that can be used to play 100’s of songs and there is a simple solution to playing this chord anywhere on a guitar fingerboard. So, you will never again be restricted to one end of the guitar
  • We can easily find chords (and lyrics) for almost any song we wish to play with a Google search
  • And now we are ready to instantly play along with our favorite artist or play and sing for others

What is the solution…

There are only 6 simple steps to quickly find and play the chords required to play almost any song on a guitar anywhere on the guitar finger board. And you do not need a guitar to learn this! As a mater of fact, I encourage my students NOT to pick up a guitar until you have mastered these following 6 easy steps…

Step 1 – The Root Strings
Step 2 – The Musical Alphabet
Step 3 – Notes and Space
Step 4 – Sharps and Flats
Step 5 – The Accelerator
Step 6 –  The Amazing Chord Sub

Then we quickly put it all together and I will show you how to begin playing 100’s of Songs Right Now!

Here’s Everything I’ve Created For You…

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So, you may be wondering what’s the catch???

Why is all this material FREE?… I REALLY ENJOY making a difference in other peoples lives. It’s extremely rewarding. I really like being part of a community of guitarists of all levels that are practicing, playing, and encouraging each other to quickly reach our goals and dreams!

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