What is the easier way bar chords? (or barre chord) Well, it is more about positioning and muscle memory without having to applying a lot of downward finger pressure…

Click the image bellow to play the video and follow this step by step guide to successfully create Bar Chords…

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Bar Chord Lesson Sheet

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You do not have to be stuck playing only a handful of chords in open position and a really quick solution is to play chords like E, Em, E7, A, Am and A7 as bar chords however, many guitar players trying to play a bar chord have become extremely frustrated!

Without the correct positioning a bar chord can be really tough to play as well as a difficult chord to agree upon spelling… Is this a correct a bar, barre or barr chord?

I mean, why bother playing a bar chord in the first place?

Well, the answer is you don’t have to… You can play an E chord and if you move your chord up the guitar fretboard 1 fret, you now have an F chord. (just don’t play any of the open strings) So, again I ask… why bother to play the bar chord???

Well… a bar chord has a bigger, more powerful sound and not only that; If you can play an easy E, Em or E7 open position chord, you can now turn those 3 open chords into every major, minor and dominant 7th chord simply by using a bar.

So, now it’s time to let you in on the “Big Secret” to playing these monster chords and that is to begin building the muscle memory to quickly position your fingers in the correct location without actually playing the chord.

I know, that doesn’t seem to make any sense at all however, the faster you can get your fingers “accurately” in place is how you do it!!!

The reason most people struggle with this chord type is that they are applying constant pressure trying to find the right position to create a clean sounding chord. That constant barring pressure is what causes discomfort and frustration! It can also lead to health problems such as carpal tendonitis.

The weeks lesson video will show you exactly where to place your fingers on the guitar fretboard and position your hand for success. Once you can quickly and easily position your fingers to create the chord, only then… is it time to apply a little pressure to play the chord.

An easier way to play bar chords image 1

On other important note… a good guitar that is set up with a low action will help also remember, to produce any note on a guitar, all you have to do is apply just enough pressure to lightly pinch the string behind a fret. (it is not necessary to press a string against hard against the wooden fingerboard)

Btw… low action is when the guitar strings are set very low to the guitar frets therefore you shouldn’t have to press the string very far to create a note.

Now don’t forget to download the lesson sheet and if you are really stuck playing your chords in the open position then be sure to also take advantage of the free guitar course link to enroll in the training that will have you playing your bar chords quickly over the entire fingerboard!

So, Have Fun! and I’ll see you in the next lesson,

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