If you remember Charlie Brown you should really enjoy learning to play The Charlie Brown Peanuts Theme Song on your guitar!

Click the image below to play the video and follow this step by step guide to successfully play this wonderful song…

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The Peanuts Lesson Work Sheet

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The Charlie Brown Peanuts Theme is such a great song to play as a new guitar player and it’s really easy to learn!

This lesson begins by a performance example played with the backing track. Then we will dive right into how to play the song. Be sure you download the lesson worksheet to follow along.

What makes to song really easy to play on your guitar is that the G chord is played with only one finger. The opening riff (or motif) and melody can also be performed with one finger. It’s super easy and by learning to use pull-offs and hammer-ons as shown in the lesson video will help to make it simple to play all the notes quickly on your guitar fretboard.

Btw… pull-offs are also called descending legatos’ and hammer-ons are called ascending legatos’

I believe the hardest part will be playing the C chord however, if you know how to play the C then your going to be amazing right out of the gate!

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