If you like Jason Mraz then you should really enjoy learning how to play reggae on guitar with this weeks super easy guitar lesson!

Click the image below to play the video and follow this step by step guide to successfully play this wonderful song…

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The Reggae on Guitar Work Sheet

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You can now play the reggae song on your guitar in a much easier key for first time guitar players! Click the button below to view and download the easy to play reggae song in A major.


Playing reggae on guitar is easier that you would think and this guitar lesson is packed full of cool guitar stuff!

First, I can not wait to show you a really simple way to play dreaded guitar chords such as Bb, F, Gm and Eb. Be sure you download the lesson worksheet to follow along. We are going to begin playing these crazy chords with only a couple of fingers.

Next up, I am going to show you just how easy it is to play a Reggae rhythm with my simple “one two – one” rhythm concept.

Then It’s Melody Time… Can you believe the by playing the chord notes as an “arpeggio” (a fancy name for playing a chord as single notes) You will now be instantly performing the melody to Jason’s song “I’m Yours”. How cool is that!

The reason for this is that great melodies are created by playing single notes from the chords that the band is playing. I will go into this much deeper within my guitar courses.

What!!! There’s more?? – Could this short, little guitar lesson video get ever better?

The answer to your burning question is… YES IT CAN!! I’m also going to show you how to play a cool improvised guitar solo with one very simple to play guitar scale.

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